July 2009


Save Your Factory with Robotic Automation



Whether it’s your first robot or your 100th, there are easy guidelines that will increase your chances of a successful start up. As more companies struggle to maintain a competitive edge, robotic automation provides a key advantage for your manufacturing productivity.
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New M-1iA Lightweight and Compact Parallel-link Robot



The M-1iA is a lightweight and compact six-axis, parallel-link robot designed for small part handling, high-speed picking and assembly applications.  The unique parallel-link structure provides higher speeds and accuracy compared to traditional assembly robots.  The robot can be installed in a variety of orientations, and has a three-axis wrist, making it extremely flexible.
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The CERT Program Answers Growing Need for a Qualified Technical Workforce in Manufacturing



FANUC Robotics Certified Education Robot Training (CERT), launched in 2008, certifies instructors at educational institutions to train their students to program FANUC robots, and is available to qualified high schools, community colleges and universities.  CERT has proven to be a very successful program, and is now being used in schools across the country. 
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FANUC Robots Have Starring Role in Terminator Salvation



FANUC Robotics America, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of industrial robots, has a starring role assembling an army of Terminators in Warner Brothers’ Terminator Salvation. A total of 18 FANUC robots including eight M-710iC/50, six M-10iA and four M-410iB robots were provided for the production.
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FANUC Robotics Introduces World's Strongest Robot



FANUC Robotics America Inc. recently introduced the new M-2000iA/1200 super heavy-duty robot, able to lift parts weighing up to 1350 kg (3,000 lbs) at the 2009 International Robots & Vision Motion Control Show.
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FANUC Robotics and Integrators Make Headlines



From YouTube to news sites, FANUC Robotics and its integrators are regularly featured in a variety of publications and on the Web. The following lists recent articles in the news and videos online.
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